UVA Technologies offers optimised, secure and proactively monitored server management services that deliver differentiated and incremental value to a business. Get updated and secured server with:

  • Proactive Analysis
  • Regular Updates
  • Routine Backups.
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Downtime Investigation.
  • Anti-Virus & Malware Scans
  • Premium Support
  • Remote server management.

Benefits of Server Management Services

  • Stay focused on core business
    • Your business demands your complete focus and managing your servers are also on a priority and need attention so that you don’t derail your work many a times. Always, select server management services to ease out your effort & save time that you spend on server monitoring, hardening, taking backups, upgradation, patch management & managing emergencies.
  • Server Management is not a single discipline
    • Server management is a combination of multiple tasks & activities – patch management, backups, performance monitoring, fine tuning, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting issues & more. Thus, you need specialist or a server administrator to manage all aspects of your server infrastructure. Suggest, go for an expert and get benefited from the services.
  • Save your costs
    • Having server management services helps you save cost that you incur on maintaining team who will do server management. Our Services includes:
      • System Health monitoring
      • Software &Security updates regularly
      • Scheduled backups
      • User Access Management
      • Security Management
      • Downtime Investigation