7 Tips to Speed up Magento

7 Tips to Speed up Magento

Magento is the most flexible e-commerce platform to date. Magento in PHP is a platform that makes it easy to change the appearance of the website, store content and functionality. To increase the speed of your Magento application, you can use Magento’s powerful tools for digital marketing, search engine optimization and directory management.

Here are some simple tips to increase the speed of Magento applications that will be followed by Magento e-Commerce Certified Developers:

  1. Apply the cache to increase the speed of Magento : This cache mechanism dramatically reduces server response time. The Magento e-commerce platform already has built-in caching capabilities and also supports third-party caching. Go ahead, apply page caching, temporarily caching the browser and also ending the header to your advantage. It is easy to install or configure the cache with tools such as Redis, APC and Varnish.

2. Use the PHP Accelerator to increase the performance of scripts in PHP : Some of the tools are APC, eAccellerator, XCache and more. These tools actually help to run and speed up scripts with some kind of cache. The caching mechanism automatically increases the speed and performance of the Magento application.

3. Enable the single directory, merge customer data and product information so that Magento can respond quickly to MySQL queries. You can do this with the help of Magento e-commerce certified developers. Use a unique list of products and categories. This will give you the good results & after Magento stores the product and the customer information based on the EAV attribute template or Model Value.

4. Take advantage of the syntax feature offered by Magento. This feature is very useful and reduces file system reads. When the website is loaded, Magento searches for the application file in a specific order. Thus, each time the download is being downloaded, Magento reads more file systems. The syntax function of reducing the number of system file reads increases the performance of the application. Edit mode copies the entire file system to a directory while temporarily storing frequently used files. The syntax function is a great way to dramatically improve the speed of Magento.

5. It is useful to clean the files actually stored for 180 days. If you do not clean the logs, the size of the database will continue to grow, which will reduce the speed of the Magento application. Be sure to clean the registry regularly enough to clean the database space. Magento offers this ability to clean logs or modify them. You can also change the configuration to enable file cleaning quite automatically. Thus, on a planned basis, newspapers will be cleaned up.

6. Remove additional extensions & add ons that are not used to increase speed. Different sections and extensions are added to the Magento features. Thus, if you delete the unit or the unused extensions, the application will certainly benefit from an improvement. Before adding an extension to the application, check its use. Do not try to run additional HTTP or load additional JavaScript and additional CSS files to not seriously affect the speed of the application. Get rid of extensions and add-ons that are useless.

7. Optimize the Images : There are several other ways to increase the performance and speed of Magento. Use the content viewer and optimize the images to your advantage.

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