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It is essential to drive the Dynamic and scalable computing environments that operate the IT Industry controls through a well-designed Cloud Management System. We at UVA Technologies have developed the ideal Cloud Management System.

UVA Technologies can now administer your Cloud Computing resources and serve you better by assisting your business. UVA Technologies carries out such a process by allocating the optimum resources to meet every need. Optimum resources would include an integrated set of software or tools. The design of such software and tools is to manage the hybrid and multi-cloud environments apart from their usage in managing public and private clouds.
Cloud infrastructure is dynamic, and so is the cloud management of UVA Technologies which simplifies your managing it. Changes involve the addition of existing servers and the de-commissioning and replacement of the same. Storage volumes, IP addresses, and snapshots also fall under the same category, and such changes spoil your chances of keeping your system up–to–date. Even a team specially set up to manage the space would find it impossible to do so through the hand – automation software or tools.


Few of the Benefits of Cloud Management provided at UVA Technologies.

Here are a few benefits for your organization in Cloud technology if you utilize our services



Cloud-based data management services which we provide allow Organizations to secure and protect their data more effectively than on-premises solutions. You are probably aware of the dangers and threats that cybercrime can pose to your organization, which includes valuable data. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are lurking around every corner, and your organization could be their next target. Every year, billions of dollars go waste due to data breaches, primarily because of ignoring these threats.

Fortunately, you can protect your critical data by using our cloud-managed service. We have the knowledge, tools, and tailor-made solutions to ensure that cyber attacks do not impact your business negatively.


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Automated backup solutions and disaster management

We at UVA Technologies manage your cloud storage and automate the company's data backups. We specialize in disaster recovery and mitigate the effects of ransomware attacks. We save you money from purchasing costly On-premise servers. Choosing us would assure you of data security across all services and applications.

Enhanced data quality

Due to UVA Technologies' integrated cloud management system, data is kept un-corrupted &consistent. As a result, it is made accessible to all and up to date.

Cloud governance framework

Our services comply with regulations that involve data transparency

Cloud observability

Our Cloud Observability involves methodology and operating state. The methodology focuses on specifics, such as metrics, tracing and log analysis. The operating state relies on tracking and addresses state identification and event relationships, which is a part of DevOps.

Our Cloud Management Mission statement

Our cloud management products offer features that cover the following five categories: