Importance of Digital Marketing in this Pandemic situation of Covid-19

Importance of Digital Marketing in this Pandemic situation of Covid-19

The appearance of the Covid-19 in recent months has thrown many companies into a state of closing & uncertainty. Unlike other global problems, such as the recession, companies of all sizes and industries are affected in some way by this virus as economies around the world struggle.

Many companies have seen their sales fall in recent months and some sectors – such as the leisure and hospitality industries – have seen their activities stop completely, which means they have no more business. They have no other choice than survive on savings & any government support to which they have to access.

Any of your business and industry, it is important that you work to maintain and market your brand during this time, making sure to remain relevant and available to the public so that you can continue to some extent throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Marketing, like any other business practice, must be adapted to survive the whole corona crisis. Online marketing is probably the only way to realistically reach customers while whole countries are blocking, and this form of marketing also has an advantage due to the fact that more people get stranded at home and therefore more often on Internet.

Five forms of online marketing

There are many different ways to promote your business online and the ones that work best depend entirely on your business. Five of the best ways are:

Digital marketing

This refers to the use of internet marketing tools, such as Google AdWords campaigns and SEO practices, in order to keep your brand in the public eye. You can often analyze your audience to make your campaigns more targeted and help you approach hot and cold prospects in this way.

Social media marketing

Providing a way to approach customers and build your brand personality, social media marketing allows you to interact with customers, as well as publish useful and relevant content that will attract new potential customers.

Digital media interviews

Another great way to build brand personality is to work with popular digital media channels (YouTube, podcasts, etc.) that attract your target market and do an interview where you can discuss your service and what you can do. offer people in this unprecedented situation.

Multimedia Web Articles

During any crisis, people tend to be more dependent on digital media channels for their news and updates, so this is the perfect time to pay for advertising or get involved in writing content for these sites. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to send an add to promote your business – a review written for a well-known news channel could just  as well build a reputation around your brand.

Video Marketing

This is a critical area of ​​social media marketing that many companies are losing. Video marketing allows you to convey a message in a fun and useful way that is much more likely to grab the attention of your audience. You can link to videos on social media or other areas of the web, and if your video offers value, you will have to find that people are more likely to share this content than any other form.

Internet Marketing Tips

Whatever form of online marketing you decide to take, there are new rules to keep in mind when advertising in a crisis like Covid-19. While much of your previous advertising material is still relevant, some will not be, so here are some tips to consider.

Help people

A global crisis is the perfect time to think outside the box and redefine your abilities to help people. In India, Many Companies and Distilleries have adapted their production chains to produce hand sanitizers instead of alcohol.

And here, a good marketing mindset will help. Examine your business and try to determine what you can do to help during the crisis.

If you operate a restaurant, you may be able to make deliveries or create food boxes for vulnerable people. If you produce clothes, you could start making fun masks to protect people when they go out. The choice is yours, but if you do it right, chances are it will not be forgotten after the crisis ends.

Improve your SEO

If the business is slow, why not use this extra time to work on your site and make sure that it has reached zero and that it is operating according to good SEO principles, ready for restarting

the business. It can be difficult for small businesses to stay on top of SEO because search engine algorithms change so often.

Now is a good time to research how your current SEO practices are being maintained and make the necessary changes to improve the visibility of your website to SERPs.

If your SEO is tight until the end of the pandemic, this should ensure you have an advantage in distance competition.

Do not ignore the situation while many people do not want to think about the virus all the time, it is wrong to try to ignore it. You may have noticed that many of the advertisements you see on television or listen to on podcasts are linked to the pandemic, and that is because they are constantly at the forefront of all minds. The report does not support, it helps people to feel connected to the brand.

Successful marketing always means being ready to adapt and change with circumstances. Make your offers relevant to what your target market is currently going through, what they will need and what they will likely to spend. If consumers believe you understand their situation, it will help them to trust your brand over the others.

At UVA Technologies, our highly experienced team can offer help and advice on the current marketing strategy and identify areas where improvements can be made. With cost-effective packages tailored to businesses of all sizes, we can manage the hassle of managing your online presence and help you to ensure that your business puts its best digital foot forward now and in the future.

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