Magento vs Shopify

Magento vs Shopify

E-commerce businesses platforms Magento vs Shopify have taken over the world market. Billions of people are shopping online for innumerable classes of products. It minimizes the time constrain and has much more options than the traditional way of shopping.

Many internet entrepreneurs have tried to set-up their e-commerce websites. Reviews and recommendations suggest that Shopify and Magento are two names that can’t go unrecognized in the online retail mid-market.

1.    The pricing of services:

Shopify is the ultimate choice for people who are entering this domain for the first time. It is reliable and there are no monthly charges to bother. It also provides a free trial for a period of half-month that will help you in understanding your preferred e-commerce platform.

Magento development services are also very competitive in terms of pricing. They have no initial charges what so ever. Shopify provides you with a domain, hosting and an SSL certificate for the go. Though Magento lack the basic amenities it has great tools for customizations.

2.    Software functionalities:

This comparison can go either way. Shopify is known for a much cleaner and simpler interface in the market. Not only does it let you add modules and content easily but keeps it very understandable to other administrators that might be handling the same store. For the business end of technicalities, it does provide delivery options, order confirmation notifications, appearance editing, etc.

On the other hand, Magento has a lot to offer but it might be little complex for beginners. The actual business manager must be familiar with the admin for smooth working of the store. At many instances, due to handling issues, the stores have taken a hit. Though the technical beauty of Magento gives tons of technical options it can be overwhelming at times. But the Magento 2 update has helped the company in reaching their maximum potential.

3.    Service issues handling:

There are tons of ways to report your issue and get it addressed by the customer team at Shopify. They have a live chat handling team that answers your queries in just a few minutes. Their calling services are open 24/7 that might only require you to hold if the lines are too busy.

Magento tends to lose here by a fair margin. Their live services are not active. They do add a guide to what could be done in case of issues with their services.


Designing is an important factor as it includes a few vulnerable security issues. Both the companies have good premium themes to offer but Magento is way above Shopify for themes and templates. Retailers interested in big commerce websites opt for Magento.

Shopify also has around 100 slightly customizable templates but their premium themes require you to pay which makes the entire set-up a bit costly.

Magento vs Shopify Both the companies have a great stats that are improving every year. Shopify is crossing 800,000 businesses that are powered by them. Similarly, Magento catching up right along with more than 250,000 merchants. Magento has been improving their technical ends constantly which makes it suitable for better e-commerce works. It gives user the freedom to create a more sophisticated website, hence winning the comparison.

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