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RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN - UVA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is the key element to all the internet experience that you visit as an audience every day. Everything that appears on the internet can be classified into two terms at the base level. One of them being web development while the other one is web designing. Web development refers to the technical part of building websites, social media and mobile apps that include coding, data and content matrix.
At UVA Technologies we consider web designing as the creative part that decides your appearance on the internet, the color schemes, the logos and placements of all of these elements that are developed or being developed. We believe that it empowers the content of our client’s website. Web designing involves little or no coding but it has tools and designing software that is required in all aspects.

RWD ( Responsive Web Design ) for web designing:

We as a team could analyze the technicalities and challenges in RWD. It is well optimized to design for the windows form factor, smartphones and almost every other screen size. The best part of RWD is that it has developed over the years. Meaning that it has seen rapid improvements that enable it to create effective designs that have made web designing much efficient.
As a private PHP development firm, UVA Technologies recommends RWD over other alternatives because it is less expensive to develop. Let us try to understand a few more terminology related to RWD.
The fluid grid option adds precision to the designing elements. It calls for element sizing to any extent by using proportion-based grids. It doesn’t have restrictions in terms of sizing options. Flexible image additions work with the same efficiency and one can easily make fitting image inclusions on the containing elements.

We understand that the foundation of the responsive designing approach is its responsive layouts. This is assisted by bootstrap which works as a CSS framework directed at responsive front-end development. It has javascript included and is one of the best projects started on Github. Along with this, HTML5 which is the 5th version of HTML helps in defining page content and markup based patterns.
UVA technologies pay a lot of attention to web designs as it is the key to marketing in the current internet trends. Therefore the services we provide at UVA Technologies involve quality among the best interests.

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